As we come to the close of another amazing year at African Christians
Organization Network (ACON), I would like to pause and say thank you.
Thanks to each and every one of you who supported us through generous
donations of money and time this year.

Thank you to our generous funders ( National Geographic Society ),
Chad Lipton, and Thayer Tomlinson for ensuring that our programs
continue. Thank you to our schools and partners for helping us enrich
the lives of our youth and women. Thank you to our wonderful board and
IBI who make our work easier and hold ACON’s mission in trust. Thank
you to ACON’s staff, they are wonderful people who truly embody
kindness and creativity; they pour their hearts into their work every
day to ensure our communities succeed.

And last but not least, thank you to our Biochar Famers and their
families, for their hard work, their willingness to challenge
themselves, and their leadership. You are the reason for ACON’s

In celebrating our 12th year, we learned that in community, we can
make a difference in the lives of our communities. Every day, we see
our students learn and grow. Before our very eyes, they are becoming
the leaders our community needs. We owe our communities every
opportunity to fully embrace all they deserve in life!

Your goodwill and generosity has made ACON the vibrant and impactful
organization we know today. I can’t wait to see what we can
accomplish in the next year 2012 .

With best wishes for a happy and healthy holiday season,
Salim Mayeki Shaban

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